Squalane Skin Hydrator with Natural Hydroquinone

Squalane with Hydroquinone is the ultimate solution to dull and pigmented skin and provides overall evenness without harsh chemicals. Enriched with Vitamin C, this oil improves the elasticity of ageing skin and boosts overall luminosity while reducing marks and dark spots.



You may or may not have heard of Squalane, but your skin has.The human body produces its own version (known as squalene), but the amount made and retained in the skin decreases over time.  Squalane feels like pure luxury on the skin,When it is applied to the skin, it mimics your natural sebum, improving elasticity by increasing moisture retention and nutrients.

As the molecular structure of Squalane is so close to the skin’s own, it penetrates deep into the pores where it targets your skin care concerns at a cellular level. It balances oil production, providing just enough moisture to keep the skin clear and healthy. It also has powerful anti-aging properties and will help the skin age gracefully as well as anti-inflammatory benefits to help with skin conditions such as acne and eczema. It has very high emollience, is an exceptional hydrator and can prevent ongoing loss of hydration that impairs dermal suppleness. Squalane is non-comedogenic and is suitable for use extremely oily skin also. It can also be applied to hair to increase heat protection, add shine and reduce breakage potential. Last, but not least, squalane oil helps to boost blood circulation, which promotes the formation of collagen for firmer, plumper skin and an instant skin glow!
We pioneered our weightless ingredient to instantly hydrate while locking in essential moisture, replenishing your skin with what it once had.Squalane is biology’s best moisturiser , We have conquered our quest to have that timeless appearance.
AT INDULGEO ESSENTIALS, we understand that each skin is different and requires special and suitable nourishment and care. While Squalane in its original form is the best and most natural remedy for dryness and dullness, we also have custom made blends for more focused skin concerns. Tending to different skin types and skin concerns, we have carefully designed 3 different squalane concoctions

Squalane with NEROLI, ORANGE & CHAMOMILE OILS Natural Hydroquinone 
Hydroquinone may be one of the more controversial ingredients in the beauty world. Known for its skin-lightening properties, hydroquinone is an attractive choice for many women looking to correct dark spots, especially those that come with age. But if your skin goal is overall evenness, there are three possibilities that don’t involve harsh chemicals: neroli oilorange oiland chamomile
Neroli oil is derived from orange tree blossoms, and the vitamin-C rich oil improves the elasticity of ageing skin and boosts overall luminosity. From the same tree comes orange oil, which contains the same vitamins and nutrients the delicious fruit does. It rapidly repairs damaged skin and acts as a natural antiseptic, leading to overall flawlessness in the skin. In case you need extra convincing to switch hydroquinone out for good, chamomile is another natural counterpart. Chamomile essential oil contains naturally occurring skin compound azulene, which calms a wide variety of skin conditions that cause unevenness in the complexion without any harsh chemicals  

Apply 2-3 drops daily AM and PM or as needed to entire face ideally after water-based treatments and before heavier moisturisers and oils.

100% pure plant Squalane derived from olive(70%) and sugarcane (30%),Neroli essential oil(Citrus aurantium var. amara),Sweet orange peel oil(Citrus sinensis), Chamomile oil (matricaria chamomile)
Note: This product is 100% pure plant-derived Squalane, made from 100% Organic raw material.


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