Love Is In The Hair Combo- Hair Vitalizer+Growth Promoter+Onion & Pepper Hair Oil+Neem Oil

The perfect gift box for all the hair obsessed people! Everyday hair care, sorted.
Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, colored or any kind of hair, this gift box is your one box solution to nourished, healthy, longer and stronger hair while stopping hair fall.
What’s more, this exciting deal not only comes with our bestsellers Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer, Growth Promotor and Onion and Pepper Oil at a reduced price, but you also get pure cold- pressed Neem Oil for free!

3,040.00 2,280.00 INCLUSIVE OF TAXES

Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer 120ml

The ultimate botanical breakthrough to stop hair fall – Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer is an exotic mix of essential oils like Rosemary, Lavender, Tulsi, Ginger root and various other rare dry oils infused in purified water and witch hazel. Clinically-proven and highly effective, this product also significantly improves volume, texture and overall health of the hair. What’s more. This oasis of organics has no side-effects and is also non-oily!


Growth Promotor 120ml

Growth promoter is a non-oily formula with goodness of nature and no harsh chemicals. A gentle product which improves volume, texture and overall health of the hair, it helps in making the roots stronger and promoting the new hair growth. It disinfects scalp and prevents dandruff.


Onion and Pepper Hair Oil 100ml


The Indulgeo Essentials Onion & Pepper Hair Oil is the miracle one bottle stress- free solution for all your hair needs & intense nourishment. Transform dead, thin & lightweight hair to strong, voluminous & gorgeous locks with this perfect blend of highly nutritious oils that complement each other to strengthen your hair from the roots to the tips with the power of pure botanically sourced ingredients like Rosemary oil, Onion extract, Black Pepper Seed oil & other 100% natural oils packed with potent vitamins & minerals that stimulate hair growth & mitigate hair loss, making your hair incredibly healthy & lusciously shiny. Onion extract is extremely rich in sulfur & antioxidants that multiply collagen production & stimulate blood circulation while keeping the scalp bacteria- free. Harness unlimited benefits with this oil & experience the power of nature!


Neem Oil 100ml

Neem is India’s miracle plant with healing properties that have been spoken about in some of the world’s oldest books. The Sanskrit word for Neem was “Nimba,” which means “good health.” The Vedas called Neem “Sarva roga nivarini”, which means “one that cures all ailments and ills”. This well-rounded oil is suited to all skin types, from acne prone to super sensitive. It is rich in Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, and beta-carotene. It also contains high levels of antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental damage. Neem also helps fight free radical damage in the skin because it contains carotenoids, which provide high antioxidant compounds. Because of it’s very strong anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, neem oil helps prevent dandruff and many other fungal infections of the scalp and also supports natural immune function of skin against unwanted microbes. The Indulgeo Essentials Neem Oil is 100% Organic, pure and cold pressed (processed without heat) to retain its unique balance of nutrients.


Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer 120ml

Shake Well, Apply approximately 2-4ml with the dropper on a clean scalp. Leave it on for a few hours or overnight. It might cause slight tingling sensation. Recommended everyday use, As its a non-oily product it does not require head wash after every use.


Growth Promotor 120ml

This stimulating formula can be applied into the scalp after washing, on partly wet hair. This solution will separate when it’s kept still, necessitating you to give it a good shake before application. Use approximately 2-3ml per application.


Onion and Pepper Oil 100ml

Apply few drops of the oil on your scalp on each section without massaging rigorously. We recommend you to use this oil within 24 hours of shampooing your hair as a clean scalp allows the particles of the oil to penetrate deep inside the scalp. Use this treatment at least once in 10 days for best results.


Neem Oil 100ml
Massage gently all over the body and hair and allow the oil to soak for sometime. Canbe used alone or in conjunction with other certified organic cold pressed oils from Indulgeo Essentials.

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