Growth Promoter

Growth Promoter: This gentle formula nourishes your hair shafts,
improves texture, volume and overall health of your hair, it
stops hair loss and promotes the newly activated hair growth.

Rose geranium extract, Distilled water,Fermented Apple Extract, Rosemery oil, Jojoba oil, Carrot seed oil, Geranium oil, Ginger root oil.

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Frontal balding, otherwise known as a receding hairline or widow’s peak, is one of the most common patterns of hair loss. This pattern of hair loss will mostly affect men, but in some cases women can also be affected. This type of frontal hair loss will usually be attributed to a condition called Male Pattern Hair Loss, We at gainAgain
by Indulgeo Essentials have created the perfect blends to treat pattern baldness and Alopecia.

So how do essential oils combat hair loss?
The main ways they help is by stimulating the hair follicles(roots) and promoting healthy
circulation. They also provide important oil balancing qualities along with a nice dose of
nutritional support for the scalp and follicles.

We recommend to use all three products for best results. Results vary from person to person. It is recommended to
use this treatment for minimum of six months to see the desired results.

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