About Us

Indulgeo Essentialsa 21st century brand, has come up with new concoctions of ‘OILS’ to cure all skin and hair problems. In today’s fast moving world where stress levels increase with every tick of the clock and the rise in pollution levels add to the damage caused, we surely need something extra to take care of our sensitive skins. 

This exquisite range consists of old beauty secrets that our grannies swore by with just right blend of certified organic cold pressed oils and essential oils making it a sweet treat in this harsh environment. 

Indulgeo Essentials has found the most natural, chemical-free and Eco-friendly answer to all our worries. This organic luxury skin and hair care range is made with ingredients collected from all over India.

Essential oils are not only healing in nature but also have a soothing and relaxing aroma that help calm the mind and increase the blood circulation.

Starting from teenager’s acne prone skin to curing pigmentation, Indulgeo has everything covered. Indulgeo’s Oils heal some of the skins toughest problems like acne and inflammation, preventing long term sun damage to skin making it a safe to use for all age groups.

Made with the legendary oils to fight dull, pigmented, and aging skin along with a blend of just the right essential oil , we let you indulge in the organic gifts of Mother Nature and feel naturally pretty by nourishing the skin you are in. These unique blends of oils have a cooling and cleansing effect on skin. An indulgence with this oasis of organics has managed to occupy space in the ‘favourites’ category of every Indian today certifying it as the absolute treatment that your skin deserves.

We are here to change the notion about oils and present to you the magic it can create by offering a totally customized product made especially for you based on your skin type and requirements. 

So all that  we’re saying is that lets go back in time and grab these miraculous potions prepared today with mothers love, available in handy bottles and jars and let’s start feeling enchanted once again!!